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Do’s and Don’ts when Dating with Big Beautiful Women

Do’s and Don’ts when Dating with Big Beautiful Women

Every woman needs to feel attractive and feminine, big beautiful women are the same. Dating plussized ladies has some sensitive moments. To enjoy this romantic evening and have an amazing time together, keep in mind some do’s and don’ts while dating with big beautiful women.

Do’s When Dating with Big Beautiful Women

When you think about what is allowed to do when dating a plus-sized girl, just be a gentlemen and respect her. However, there are some things, you shouldn’t forget to do:

  • Eye contact is really important

Look in her beautiful eyes, anytime you speak with her. First, eyes can say much more than words, it will make her trust you. Second, she will know that you are serious to her.

  • Treat her as any other woman

The best compliment for her will be if you’ll ignore the point that she is a little fat. What will you do on the dating with the slim girl? So, do the same!

  • Eat as much as you want

It can be the only dating when you must forget about your diet plan. If she will see that you eat only green salad, she may be confused. Feel free eating cakes, and she will also be open to you.

  • Make compliments

Always highlight how beautiful she is. She may have a cute smile or really stylish haircut. Be honest in your compliments, remember that she knows advantages and disadvantages of her outfit.

  • Be Humble

It’s a big chance that you aren’t the first guy she dated with. She may have an experience dating men who took it as a fun or who were not correct with her. Be humble and correct to get the trust from her.

Don’ts When Dating with Big Beautiful Women

To not have a horrible dating, avoid making her embarrassed. Don’t do few things on your dating with BBW and it can be the best dating you have ever had:

  • Don’t mention about her size and weight

You may be in love with her appetite body, but never speak about her size, instead, let her feel that you are interested in her personality, dreams and future plans. Make her feel that you like her as a person, not just an experience to date with the plus-sized girl.

  • Don’t compare her with slim girls

If you really like her appearance, don’t try to compare her with other girls, and don’t think “If she’ll lose a couple of Kilo”. She is as she is. Remember this to not be disappointed and to not offend her.

  • Don’t plan your dating only around the food

She is a big beautiful woman, but it doesn’t mean that she is only interested in eating, you can have a dating in a cinema or walk in a park, and at the end, go to a restaurant.

  • Don’t push her for making love

It may seem obvious, but everything has its own time. If you’ll push, it may be 2 options: first – she’ll just leave you and you will never meet her again, and second – she’ll accept to not make you sad, but it will not be your dream night.

  • Don’t say…

“Have you always been in this weight?”

“Can you really eat all this?”

“When have you been in the gym last time?”

“If I will be in such weight…”

There are many ways to attract the big beautiful women. If you really like her, follow those simple do’s and don’ts and be sure, you’ll have second and third dating. But if she is not the right person you need, don’t give her false hopes. Remember, women’s heart is very sensitive, especially, if she is a big beautiful woman.